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Transform Your Sales Skills and Income with Forbes Riley's 5-Day Affiliate Challenge

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Why This Challenge? 
Struggling to make your mark in the competitive world of affiliate marketing? 
Feel like you're missing the key to effective pitching and selling?
Our 5-Day Challenge is your gateway to mastering these skills, led by none 
other than Forbes Riley, a renowned Queen of Pitch.
Skyrocket Your Earnings
Empower Your Communication
  • Skyrocket Your Earnings: Learn the secrets of successful affiliate marketing, and start earning substantial commissions.
  • Master the Art of Pitching: Gain insider knowledge on crafting compelling pitches that resonate with your audience.
  • Overcome Sales Hurdles: Learn to navigate objections and close deals effortlessly.
  • ​Empower Your Communication: Enhance your communication skills to connect deeply with your customers.
  • ​Actionable Strategies: Get hands-on experience with strategies that work in the real world, not just theory.
Dr. Forbes Riley
Forbes Riley is known as the "Queen of Pitch" because she has hosted over 195 informercials, generating over $2.5 billion in product sales. Now she coaches others to find confidence in their voice and to monetize their message

Having worked with successful CEOs, top earners, and sales teams, her mission now is to help future leaders, emerging entrepreneurs, action-takers, and visionaries achieve their dreams. 
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Why Choose This Challenge?
  • Learn from Forbes Riley, a master in the art of pitching and sales.
  • Practical, hands-on challenge with real-world applications.
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded professionals.
  • ​Unique insights into the PSMC for effective promotion.
  • ​Earn 100% commission on each sale you refer!
Who is this
challenge for?
If you're an aspiring affiliate marketer, a business owner, or simply looking to hone your sales and pitching skills, this challenge is your stepping stone to success.
What will
we cover?
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery: Uncover the essence of affiliate marketing. Learn to pick products that resonate, and understand the core of Pitch Secrets MasterClass (PSMC).
  • ​Audience Insights Unleashed: Dive deep into audience analysis. Master engagement strategies and get an insider’s view of the PSMC.
  • Marketing Strategies & Tools: Navigate the world of digital marketing. Learn to use social media, email marketing, SEO, and direct outreach effectively with our unique tools.
  • Communication & Sales Wizardry: Enhance your communication prowess. Learn active listening, empathetic engagement, and ace objection handling for closing deals successfully.
  • Strategy Synthesis & Action Planning: Bring it all together. We'll review, role-play, and finalize your action plan. End with a comprehensive Q&A session for any lingering doubts.

So that’s it!  

Nothing to buy…

Just a commitment that YOU want to make. 

• A commitment to register…
• A commitment to show up…
• And a commitment to implement...

 What Are The Dates And Time Of The Challenge?
Forbes Riley's Affiliate Challenge starts on Friday January 19th, @10am - 11am EST and runs every day for 5 consecutive days at the same time until Tuesday January 23rd. Mark your calendar so you can attend LIVE!
 Is The Challenge Really Free?
YES! We LOVE our community and we want to help you make money through selling great products that your audience will love! This is a great and efficient way to generate passive income 🔥
 Will The Recording Be Available?
We always encourage you to attend live, but the recording will be available for review within a few hours after the training. You can achieve the same level of success through recordings... promise!
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